Pretty Pretty Pictures

I have a “closet crush” on this blogger, especially this outfit:

The contrast of the feminine, flowy dress with the more masculine jacket and boots is so lovely.  I’m very much a fan of masculine and feminine pieces together in an outfit:

The button-down shirt with tailored pants and suspenders paired with patent leather heels and a pixie haircut.  The subtle, gently feminine makeup has such a softening impact on the entire look.

The delicate choker with a tailored button down shirt and tie.  I love how the small contours of Leisha’s face are enhanced by her smile, and contrast the straight lines of her shirt and tie.

The whole evening look of this outfit, pulled together with a 3/4 sleeve simple tailored black jacket.  I love everything about this piece: the vibrant graphic tank, the sleek leggings, the chunky, solid jewelry, and the way the bold red lipstick matches the red sequins on the purse.  The way the jewelry, purse, and designs on the graphic tank pop and sparkle make me think of fireworks and the city and New Years Eve.

Who’s your fashion crush?

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