Wear It Out

Tonight, I got ready to see a dance show.  Today was also laundry day, so I thought I wouldn’t be able to create an outfit I felt confident in.  But this came together surprisingly quickly and easily…

(Sorry for the poor lighting – my camera phone likes to do odd things with light and color)

These Ciao Bella two-tone leather riding boots

Black leggings from Ross

Brown tye-dye-esque blouse with black sports bra

Green/gold earrings I got at a booth in San Francisco

By the way, my hair isn’t purple (though that would be cool) – it’s actually a reddish dark brown.

Everything together:

The dance show was amazing – so many gorgeous, talented dancers of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities!  Loved the variety of dance styles and stories told, and how each dancer showed their own personal style of movement within the choreography.  Watching dancers move together each with their own attitude and flair was like hearing them speak in unison each with a unique accent.  The entire show felt very supportive of individuality and inclusion which made it even more beautiful and inspiring.

What’s your favorite outfit or item to wear on a night out?  Do you have a favorite style of dance?

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