Style Inspiration: Meryl Streep

There are many reasons I adore Meryl Streep.  She’s an incredibly talented and accomplished actress, an eloqent speaker, and she supports gay rights.

I also love her sense of style.  She dresses with grace, maturity, and professionalism, and at the same time her ensembles are fresh and youthful.

I love how she dresses to celebrate her body.  She respects it and clothes it in comfortable, fashionable pieces that accentuate her natural beauty.  She’s a gorgeous and healthy woman who is also larger than many of her actress peers.  Although many other actresses wear beautiful outfits, I don’t find them as fashionably inspiring because the styles that work for their bodies often don’t work for mine.

Although I’ll never be dressing for the Golden Globes Awards, I can notice styles and lines that look especially lovely on her and try to create them from my own clothes or keep them in mind for the next time I go clothes shopping.

Today, I’m loving the jeans/tweed jacket/costume jewelry combination… we’ll see what I create and wear  😉

Who inspires you?

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