StyleCrush: Galaxy Nails

Have you heard of galaxy nails?

With the help of these photos and the first part of this Youtube tutorial, I tried my hand at it today (no pun intended) and the results actually came out pretty well.

First, paint a solid coat of very dark blue or black.  After that dries, put some colorful and/or shimmery nail polish on a sponge (I used a makeup sponge) and dab the sponge on the nail.  For a more matte look, use the brush to paint the polish on the sponge before dabbing onto the nail.  If you want the color/shimmer to look more three-dimensional (heavier in some areas, lighter in others), let a droplet of polish drop onto the sponge from the brush before blotting the droplet onto the nail.  I chose only shimmery polishes, each with a different tint, and layered them a little.  Let everything dry.

Then dip a toothpick into white nail polish and let small droplets drop onto your nails.  Let dry.

For an extra bit of sparkle, I also blotted on OPI’s Teenage Dream in certain areas of each nail.  Any other super sparkly polish would probably also do the trick.

After that layer dried, I applied a chip-proof topcoat (these photos were taken while waiting for the topcoat to dry):

I love the style because:

1) The more you mess up the more unique and interesting it looks.  If you accidentally blot too much of one color onto a nail or smear a droplet of polish, you can turn that “mistake” into a nebula or star.

2) It’s fairly easy to do nail art that has a three-dimensional quality to it.

3) You don’t need any special tools, just a sponge and a toothpick.

4) Between the choosing of colors and the infinite design possibilities, there’s a lot of customization to have fun with.

5) It’s probably almost never going to come out the same way twice.

For inspiration, I watched (my favorite movie) GalaxyQuest while waiting for each polish layer to dry.

Have you seen it yet?  Do any of these galaxy nails designs inspire you?

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