StyleCrush: Galaxy Nails

Have you heard of galaxy nails?

With the help of these photos and the first part of this Youtube tutorial, I tried my hand at it today (no pun intended) and the results actually came out pretty well.

First, paint a solid coat of very dark blue or black.  After that dries, put some colorful and/or shimmery nail polish on a sponge (I used a makeup sponge) and dab the sponge on the nail.  For a more matte look, use the brush to paint the polish on the sponge before dabbing onto the nail.  If you want the color/shimmer to look more three-dimensional (heavier in some areas, lighter in others), let a droplet of polish drop onto the sponge from the brush before blotting the droplet onto the nail.  I chose only shimmery polishes, each with a different tint, and layered them a little.  Let everything dry.

Then dip a toothpick into white nail polish and let small droplets drop onto your nails.  Let dry.

For an extra bit of sparkle, I also blotted on OPI’s Teenage Dream in certain areas of each nail.  Any other super sparkly polish would probably also do the trick.

After that layer dried, I applied a chip-proof topcoat (these photos were taken while waiting for the topcoat to dry):

I love the style because:

1) The more you mess up the more unique and interesting it looks.  If you accidentally blot too much of one color onto a nail or smear a droplet of polish, you can turn that “mistake” into a nebula or star.

2) It’s fairly easy to do nail art that has a three-dimensional quality to it.

3) You don’t need any special tools, just a sponge and a toothpick.

4) Between the choosing of colors and the infinite design possibilities, there’s a lot of customization to have fun with.

5) It’s probably almost never going to come out the same way twice.

For inspiration, I watched (my favorite movie) GalaxyQuest while waiting for each polish layer to dry.

Have you seen it yet?  Do any of these galaxy nails designs inspire you?


Style Inspiration: Meryl Streep

There are many reasons I adore Meryl Streep.  She’s an incredibly talented and accomplished actress, an eloqent speaker, and she supports gay rights.

I also love her sense of style.  She dresses with grace, maturity, and professionalism, and at the same time her ensembles are fresh and youthful.

I love how she dresses to celebrate her body.  She respects it and clothes it in comfortable, fashionable pieces that accentuate her natural beauty.  She’s a gorgeous and healthy woman who is also larger than many of her actress peers.  Although many other actresses wear beautiful outfits, I don’t find them as fashionably inspiring because the styles that work for their bodies often don’t work for mine.

Although I’ll never be dressing for the Golden Globes Awards, I can notice styles and lines that look especially lovely on her and try to create them from my own clothes or keep them in mind for the next time I go clothes shopping.

Today, I’m loving the jeans/tweed jacket/costume jewelry combination… we’ll see what I create and wear  😉

Who inspires you?

Lovely Tunes: Des’ree

Heard this song on the radio today and remembered enjoying it on the radio in the 90s.  Her voice is so even and soothing, with a nice motivating rhythm, like a song that would be nice to wake up to.

What kind of songs have you been listening to lately?

Wear It Out

Tonight, I got ready to see a dance show.  Today was also laundry day, so I thought I wouldn’t be able to create an outfit I felt confident in.  But this came together surprisingly quickly and easily…

(Sorry for the poor lighting – my camera phone likes to do odd things with light and color)

These Ciao Bella two-tone leather riding boots

Black leggings from Ross

Brown tye-dye-esque blouse with black sports bra

Green/gold earrings I got at a booth in San Francisco

By the way, my hair isn’t purple (though that would be cool) – it’s actually a reddish dark brown.

Everything together:

The dance show was amazing – so many gorgeous, talented dancers of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities!  Loved the variety of dance styles and stories told, and how each dancer showed their own personal style of movement within the choreography.  Watching dancers move together each with their own attitude and flair was like hearing them speak in unison each with a unique accent.  The entire show felt very supportive of individuality and inclusion which made it even more beautiful and inspiring.

What’s your favorite outfit or item to wear on a night out?  Do you have a favorite style of dance?

Pretty Pretty Pictures

I have a “closet crush” on this blogger, especially this outfit:

The contrast of the feminine, flowy dress with the more masculine jacket and boots is so lovely.  I’m very much a fan of masculine and feminine pieces together in an outfit:

The button-down shirt with tailored pants and suspenders paired with patent leather heels and a pixie haircut.  The subtle, gently feminine makeup has such a softening impact on the entire look.

The delicate choker with a tailored button down shirt and tie.  I love how the small contours of Leisha’s face are enhanced by her smile, and contrast the straight lines of her shirt and tie.

The whole evening look of this outfit, pulled together with a 3/4 sleeve simple tailored black jacket.  I love everything about this piece: the vibrant graphic tank, the sleek leggings, the chunky, solid jewelry, and the way the bold red lipstick matches the red sequins on the purse.  The way the jewelry, purse, and designs on the graphic tank pop and sparkle make me think of fireworks and the city and New Years Eve.

Who’s your fashion crush?